... from our "Green Egg" charcoal grill

Our grilled specials



1 KG ca. + side dishes                               € 15,00/ 100g

Perfect for the winter rigors of North America, bison provides a tasty lean meat that suites contemporary tastes in beef. Bison meat has a shiny, appetizing sppearance and an excellent flavour; it is naturally tender and very low in fat and cholesterol.



1 KG ca. + side dishes                              € 28,50/ 100g

Wag-yu means "beef" in Japanese. Thanks to the type of breeding it has a high degree of marbling and is considered among the best meat in the world. The quality differs based on the marbling: the higher the value, the greater the presence of fat. The meat is tender and tasty and the fat melts already at 25°.



1 KG ca. + side dishes                              € 10,00/ 100g

In the green prairies that stretch across the South of Canada, the Heritage Angus brand is born. In this area the microclimate, particularly cold in winter and humid in the warmer months, is ideal for free-range breedeing of pure Canadian breed cattle. The meats are characterized by a high fat infiltration between the muscle fibers, tenderness and intense flavour.


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